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Brains, Lady Penelope and Parker Images released by ITV

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This morning ITV revealed three more (or four if you count Lady Penelope’s new dog) characters from their upcoming reboot of the classic Gerry Anderson series Thunderbirds.

The Thunderbirds are Go characters that they revealed are: Brains…


… and Lady Penelope, her dog, and Parker.

Penny and Parker

This image also shows the first look at FAB 1 from the new series, which appears to possibly still be a Rolls Royce.

ITV has also revealed that Sylvia Anderson – who voiced Lady Penelope in the original 1960’s series – will voice a new character in an episode due to air later this year. Written by comedian, David Baddiel, the episode titled Designated Driver sees Sylvia voice the character of Lady Penelope’s elderly Great Aunt Sylvia.

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  • Mark Evans.

    This is great. I really love them. The FAB 1 just became my dream car.

  • Scarilian

    Lady Penelope and Parker honestly seem alright to me, but something with Brains just feels off, I think its the head, its a little too stretched

    • I_have_a_theory

      …or is it the ears? They’re HUGE.

  • sotarrthewizard

    Ahem, Lady Penelope ALWAYS wears pink. . .

  • CJ List

    I agree to Brains looking a little different but everything else I’ve seen so far from this new series looks great. FAB 1 looks almost exactly the same as well as Parker. The rest of the cast do look younger though. This might not be a problem to most people, (me included) but there are a lot of haters out there.

    I’m still backing it 100% though. It great to see this series being reborn again even if a lot of people prefer the original.

  • Mike

    or black and white retro chic……

  • I Love The Newly Approved Of Brians & Lady Penelope.

  • Baldwin Collins

    I still believe itv should of gone for a live action version. and c g I the special

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