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Ander-Thoughts with Chris and AC http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ander-thoughts-chris-ac/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ander-thoughts-chris-ac/#comments Sat, 22 Apr 2017 11:50:30 +0000 http://gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=4171 Ander-Thoughts It’s every fan’s worst nightmare: you can’t sleep, something is bothering you, but you’re not entirely sure what it is at first. Then slowly, with the tedious inevitability of an approaching monorail train, you realise what’s keeping you awake: Ander-Thoughts – the thought of a gaping plot hole or other equally worrying aspect within …

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Famous Gerry Anderson Fans! http://gerryanderson.co.uk/famous-gerry-anderson-fans/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/famous-gerry-anderson-fans/#comments Sat, 25 Mar 2017 16:50:17 +0000 http://gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=4016 The television series’ created by Gerry Anderson have inspired the dedicated following of countless fans around the world. Although the series were produced in Britain, their popularity has spread far and wide, crossing countries, oceans and many languages. So it may not be surprising to discover that in the midst of legions of viewers, the …

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Exclusive Interview: Ed Straker Speaks! http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ed-straker-speaks/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ed-straker-speaks/#comments Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:55:21 +0000 http://gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=3678 Dateline: September 15th, 1980 Ed Straker is the head of one of the UK’s biggest independent studios, Harlington-Straker Studios. Whereas most movie makers are only too willing to talk about their work, Straker has gained the reputation of being reticent, almost to the point of reclusiveness. Having been granted a rare interview with the man …

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Zelda from Terrahawks on Trump http://gerryanderson.co.uk/zelda-from-terrahawks-trump/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/zelda-from-terrahawks-trump/#respond Mon, 07 Nov 2016 15:23:26 +0000 http://gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=3633 In an unusual move, Zelda – queen of the planet Guk, and ruler of the universe has released an official statement – involving herself in terrestrial politics. What do you think of Zelda’s views? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below. Note: Zelda from Terrahawks views are entirely fictional, as is she, …

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Ned Cook Reports! http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ned-cook-report/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/ned-cook-report/#respond Sat, 13 Aug 2016 15:55:09 +0000 http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=3135 Greetings to you my loyal readers and dedicated fans! I thought it was about time I gave you a brief update on my latest endeavors after a long period of silence. Firstly, let me apologize profoundly for keeping you in the dark of late. As you all know, I strive for excellence in everything that …

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A Christmas Miracle for Terrahawks Fans http://gerryanderson.co.uk/christmas-miracle-terrahawks-fans/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/christmas-miracle-terrahawks-fans/#respond Wed, 10 Dec 2014 11:46:53 +0000 http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=1851 Anderson Entertainment release free Christmas episode online Anderson Entertainment are giving Terrahawks fans an early Christmas present with the free release of the Terrahawks Christmas episode – A Christmas Miracle – online via YouTube for 30 days from 10 December 2014. The episode has been digitally cleaned and polished and features two new specially created parody …

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Parker’s Facebook Look Back Video http://gerryanderson.co.uk/parkers-facebook-look-back-video/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/parkers-facebook-look-back-video/#comments Mon, 17 Feb 2014 09:24:29 +0000 http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=1102 Everyone’s favourite Thunderbirds character Parker finally decided to share his Facebook look back video… enjoy!

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Twizzle:2099 http://gerryanderson.co.uk/twizzle-2099/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/twizzle-2099/#comments Mon, 01 Apr 2013 09:51:41 +0000 http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=413 Anderson Entertainment is pleased to announce the first Gerry Anderson project entering pre-production: Twizzle:2099.     Melding two of Anderson’s most cerebral shows; Twizzle 2099 will see a futuristic re-imagining of Space:1999, but this time with the more believable twist that Moonbase Alpha is run by toys. Commander John Twizzle will head up the Alpha …

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David Miliband Joins International Rescue http://gerryanderson.co.uk/david-miliband-joins-international-rescue/ http://gerryanderson.co.uk/david-miliband-joins-international-rescue/#comments Wed, 27 Mar 2013 17:46:27 +0000 http://www.gerryanderson.co.uk/?p=396 Thanks very much to @FayeHarland on Twitter who pointed out these amusing articles on the Huffington Post website today… Obviously we’ve seen plenty of  “David Miliband Joins International Rescue” type headlines, but we really enjoyed the Huff’s take on the news. The letter and image (imagined for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Schneider and Simon Hume) can be seen …

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