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EXCLUSIVE: ITV’s Thunderbirds Are Go Transmission Date Revealed

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We’ve just had it confirmed by ITV – the Thunderbirds Are Go transmission date has been revealed!

It was revealed in code on the Thunderbirds HQ Facebook page as: Gordon: Gordon: Scott-John.

4/4/15 at 5pm

So there you have it – 5pm on 4th April 2015 is the Thunderbirds Are Go transmission date in the UK!

The initial post was followed by an ‘encrypted message from Brains’. When unscrambled, it reads as follows:

Source: Anthony Lamb, Facebook
Source: Anthony Lamb, Facebook


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  • CJ List

    Finally! We get a transmission date! It’s going to start a lot earlier than I thought but at least it’s getting a proper place on ITV’s schedule rather than being put on CITV in the morning when fewer people are watching.

    • I_have_a_theory

      Apparently all the other episodes will be on ITV2 at 08:00 so ITV are seemingly not expecting a mega-success. I won’t hold my breath (being a 60-year old who was absolutely mesmerised by the original series….). Any by the way, what on EARTH have they done to Thunderbird 2? It’s ghastly.

      • Thomas Anthony Evans

        It is not being shown on ITV2. Utter nonsense.

      • CJ List

        I don’t think they’ll let that happen! If there advertising it on ITV then that’s where they’ll show it!

      • CJ List

        On the recent trailer, Thunderbird 2 looks fine to me. Toy versions can sometimes look a little different.

  • Bruce Gray

    Now – if I can just watch it…

  • Peter Williams

    Any news on US broadcast??

    • CJ List

      Apparantly it will air on Cartoon Network in the US

  • Mark Montgomery

    When will it be shown in the U.S. ?

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