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First Look at ITV’s New Thunderbirds are Go

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new thunerbirds are go thunderbird 1

A Sneak Peak at the New Thunderbird 1!

This morning ITV Studios released a sneak preview of the new Thunderbird 1 which will feature in their hotly-anticipated new Thunderbirds Are Go series. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood sign the rocket maintains its distinctive silver bullet style which many fans will remember from the original series.
new thunerbirds are go thunderbird 1

Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment, welcomed today’s ‘sneak peak’ of Thunderbird 1 from ITV’s new ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ remake of Gerry Anderson’s classic Thunderbirds, saying:

“It’s great to see how closely this new Thunderbird 1 design follows the beautiful and truly iconic original by design and effects maestro Derek Meddings. I’m hopeful that it’s a positive sign of things to come. It seems clear that the team at Weta Workshop are truly passionate about the original series – I know lots of them are massive fans of the original Thunderbirds and we’re all really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the remaining craft as well as the series itself.”

“Next year marks the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbirds so it’s great to see ITV joining us in creating a range of exciting new Anderson adventures like our book series ‘Gemini Force One’ and audio series ‘Terrahawks’, whose launches will also commemorate half a century of entertainment magic next year!”

But what do you think of the new Thunderbird One? Does it bode well for the new series? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  • 80’s will always rule

    Is this going to be puppets again

    • No – ITV and Weta are using model sets and CGI characters and craft.

      • Adam Brown

        Then no supermarination ;( hope they dont ruin it

  • The Captain


  • Marc Greenman

    looks great!

  • I’m GO on it. I always thought of Thunderbird 1 as an X-15 with variable geometry and hover capability.

  • Lefteris Sarris

    Looking great! It is a GO!

  • Howard Johnston

    The wings are too small. Way too small. It could never fly…

    • Hal
      • Theo de Klerk

        That’s for fast speed rockets. For slow speeds the wings are too snall. But they were in the original also. To hover TB1 will need to use its VTOL engine. In CGI that egine can keep burning rather than the model rockets running out of steam

    • GallantBagel

      So it’s not just me

  • Stephen Warren

    GO FOR IT !!!!! I LIKE IT ALREADY !!!!

  • Tony Lee

    Looks fantastic, though the craft is rolling as this picture shows the top-side of Thunderbird 1.

  • Brian Jackson

    wow looks fantastic . fab

  • Ross Ironfield

    It’s FAB. (They do know it’s upside down though, right?!)

  • Jeff Spike Wong

    Looks just like mine!

  • James Bruce

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! Hope this is a spoof picture, with its tiny wings and dumpy stern: looks like an ugly duckling, so disappointing. Please let this not be the new TB1, please, please….

  • CJ List

    I looks FAB in my opinion. They are trying their best to make this show look exactly like it did 50 years ago and not spoil the look of the craft like they did in that so-so movie. The team behind the animation on this show are also fans of the series which is another reason why they are trying to emulate the original series as much as they can.

    I can’t wait until next year to see it. It should be on in the spring which isn’t that far away now. Looks like 2015 will be the year when a lot of childhood shows from the past make a return & Thunderbirds is leading the way. Let’s hope they put it on in a better slot than they did with Captain Scarlet!

  • ThunderBird 1 Is Back!

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