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First Thunderbirds Are Go Trailer Released

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ITV have released a very short Thunderbirds are Go Trailer. The 20 second long CGI teaser features a mayday call and the most detailed version of the newly designed Thunderbird 5 that fans will have seen to date.

A British voice is seeking help from International Rescue before viewers are encouraged to head to Thunderbirds.com to find out more.

ITV’s new Thunderbirds are Go series launches in April 2015 and is a model set and CGI reboot of the 1960s cult hit Thunderbirds.

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  • CJ List

    I thought there would be some sort of trailer sooner or later. Let’s hope there’s more!

  • Griff Wason

    Oh dear… why on earth don’t these wretched film/CGI people ever bother to get the basic science right? A huge rotating mass (in only one axis) on presumably Thunderbird 5 in low Earth orbit: the huge forces involved would make the craft uncontrollable and probably rip the craft apart!

    It was the same with 2010, Babylon 5 and a load of others. At least Douglas Trumball and Stanley Kubrick stated that there was a compensating rotating mass within the Discovery.

    Not impressed.


    • Terence Perring

      that’ll be the day haha!
      Also-see in Star Trek as the Enterprise (s) describe an arc while in orbit. (implying that A) the planet is about 5 miles in diameter or B) the Enterprise is about 400miles long!)

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