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Happy Birthday Gerry Anderson!

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Happy birthday gerry anderson

Today would have been Gerry Anderson’s 86th birthday. So, if you get an opportunity today, raise a glass to the man who entertained (and continues to entertain) millions of people all over the world.

Leave your comments below about how Gerry Anderson’s work affected your life.

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  • Purupuss

    He’s given me a hobby I love, writing Thunderbirds fan fiction, and allowed me to gain, AND MEET, friends from all around the world.

    I love that photo of Gerry Anderson and friends. 😉

  • CJ List

    I will always remember watching Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet endlessly on video. I am glad that his son Jamie still carries on his work.

  • I_have_a_theory

    I’m 59 so was born in exactly the right year to fully appreciate everything Gerry and all the team in Slough did. I’d have been about 6 or 7 when Supercar aired and 10 when Thunderbirds was first shown (and of course TV was only in black & white then!). I still have numerous letters I received from AP Films and Century 21 Productions in response to my “fan mail” including the photos they sent out in those days. These days I have DVDs of all his major series from Four Feather Falls right through to Terrahawks all of which I still watch. Disappointments? – “new” anything such as the abysmal “New Captain Scarlet”, this new Thunderbirds series (why is there no build-up and no tension to anything, what is the point of the new characters and what on earth have they done to Thunderbird 2?) as well as the dreadful “Secret Service”. Highlights? – the original Thunderbirds (of course) and the original Captain Scarlet – oh, and seeing Gerry Anderson in person at the Tameside Theatre around 20 years ago when he did a sort of “evening with…” one-man show to a 90% adult audience and tumultuous applause!

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