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ITV gives a preview of the model sets from Thunderbirds Are Go!

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Here’s a brand new preview of the model sets from Thunderbirds are Go, courtesy of ITV’s Thunderbirds are go YouTube channel.

The video features day and sunset shots of the newly designed Tracy Island together with Thunderbird 1’s launch bay, and a host of other scenes.

Have a watch and comment below to let us know what you think!

ITV’s new Thunderbirds are Go series features model sets, and CG-animated characters and craft, and launches in April 2015 on this 50th anniversary year of  Gerry Anderson’s classic Thunderbirds.

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  • So what do you all think? FAB?

  • Mirage Davies

    Okies that is just FAB

  • Michael Nicholls

    Absolutely stunning. For anyone who has any doubts about how much the makers of the new show care about the original….I think that this video lays those fears to rest. Model work worthy of the late Derek Meddings and the equally talented Brian Johnson…I am well impressed!

  • Steve

    Agree with comments about how its obvious that this is being done by people who really care about the original.
    So, looking forward to this.

    • David Pickles

      check out the mirror facebook page there’s a lot of haters 😛

  • pumpernikiel

    Is that a TB3 hangar right next to the TB1 launch pad?

    • David Pickles

      on the toy yes. but the actual shows won’t be

  • Richard T

    Yes the sets look amazing but what about the faces of the brothers. Only one looks anything like the original brothers. If I was a new fan and chose to check out the original series I would not be able to pick out the same brother twice except for Scott. Someone should have vetoed the characters face designs as they don’t look like the originals and they should do. It’s a shame as I love the original show and was so looking forward to the new series but not anymore.

    • David Pickles

      i reckon virgil is a pretty good likeness too and i can sorta see alan, but john and gordon are really tough to find something familiar.

  • Weatherly Hardy

    This brought tears to my eyes. GLORIOUS work!

  • I_have_a_theory

    Not from these images but from the Toy Fair a week or two ago, what ON EARTH have they done to Thunderbird 2 with its square sides and angular look?

    Thunderbird 2 was the most graceful of the craft in the original series and looked stunning from whichever angle it was viewed. As preview images of Thunderbirds 1, 3 and 4 all seem to bear a close resemblance to the originals, why have they “mangled” the best craft?

    • David Pickles

      i kind of agree with you on this, but i can live with it, it is a cargo vessel so it needs some bulk to it. but they went a bit too far.

  • Mark Montgomery

    Looks Great!! FAB!!!

  • CJ List

    The sets look great. They have tried to stay true to the original series like they promised.

    One of the shots looks like an updated Sidewinder which would fit in with the info I heard that they were using original story ideas.

    As for the background music, it kinda works and is apparently from the new series although it would work better in Doctor Who.

  • Mike

    Looks like FAB 1 is almost exactly the same; classic never goes out of style!

  • Mike

    It’s a pity Tin Tin has been dropped however

    • Actually Tin-Tin Is Kayo’s Real Name. 😉

    • CJ List

      Peter Jackson, the guy who did the recent Adventures Of Tin Tin movie, prevented them from using it on the new series to avoid confusion. He has the rights to use the name.

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