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New Captain Scarlet

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On the day after tomorrow, indestructible Spectrum agent Captain Scarlet is Earth’s best defence in a war of nerves against the Mysterons from Mars and their instrument of destruction, former Spectrum agent Captain Black.

Anderson Entertainment/Gerry Anderson Productions/The Indestructible Production Company – 2003/05
26 episodes x 25 mins

Series Created and Produced by Gerry Anderson
Supervising Director: David Lane
CGI Producer: Ron Thornton
Line Producer: Mark Sherwood
Production Designer: Mark Harris
Music by Crispin Merrell
Directors: David LaneMark Woollard & Dominic Lavery
Writers: Phil FordJohn Brown & Brian Finch
Concept Art Director: Dominic Lavery
Editor: Andy Walter
Associate Producer: Gerry Donohoe
Created in Hypermarionation
Produced by Anderson Entertainment for Gerry Anderson Productions plc

Voice Cast:
Wayne Forester, Julia Brahms, Robbie Stevens, Jeremy Hitchen, Emma Tate, Heather Tobias, Mike Hayley, Bill Roberts, Nigel Plaskitt, Suzie Westerby, Jules de Jongh, Glenn Wrage

The New Captain Scarlet is the re-imagining of the 1967 Gerry Anderson production: Captain Scarlet

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  • Many remakes, and often sequels, are dissappointing.. BUT, not when it’s a Gerry Anderson production…. How did so much action get crammed into 25 minutes?
    I waited for ages, in anticipation of this shows first episode. Ready, but hoping not to be, let down?
    Well,,,, Gerry succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.. To say that Captain Scarlet is “indestructable” is an understatement !!
    The New Captain Scarlet LIVES, Captain Blue is tough, and the Angels really kick butt…. Gerry Anderson now has yet another winning show, in a new format, “Hypermarionation”

  • Brittany Myers

    The animated version of Captain Scarlet is the best program ever put onto DVD, i would love to collect every thing there is to do with the animated version of this totally remarkable TV series, but i cant seem to find anything to buy, i have the DVD collection, but that is all i can seem to find,
    However i think that the way that Dr Gold tells him he is virtually indestructible is definitely an understatement because he gets shot several times, he gets run over by a truck and blown up in the episode ‘chiller’ and he still manages to survive that, so personally i think that he is completely indestructible.

    • jamie

      Thanks for the comment Brittany! Glad you like the show!

  • Brittany Myers

    This new version of captain scarlet the animated version is the best program ever to be put onto DVD, even though a couple of little bits about the DVD series get me going a little bit because when Dr Gold says that captain scarlet is virtually indestructible i think that that is absolutely wrong because he gets shot in several episodes and then in the episode chiller he gets shot, run over by a truck and then the truck explodes taking him with it, and he still manages to survive that so i think that he is completely indestructible, his retromatabalisation just needs time to pull all of his mysteron cells and his human cells back together, the mysterons are the worst thing in these episodes though.

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