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Thunderbird 6

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Lady Penelope travels the world aboard Brains’ new airship, Skyship One, unaware that the entire crew are imposters plotting the downfall of International Rescue. Thunderbird 6 is unveiled!

Despite the shock failure of Thunderbirds are Go in 1966 United Artists authorised the production of  Thunderbird 6 as a “last hurrah” for the show, giving the production team a budget of £300,000.

Thunderbirds 6 notably featured a scene with a group of laughing puppets which has become well known in fan circles for its unusual and rather creepy nature.

Century 21 Cinema/United Artists – 1967
85 mins

Executive Producer: Gerry Anderson
Producer: Sylvia Anderson
Associate Producer: John Read
Director: David Lane
Director of Photography: Harry Oakes
Art Director: Bob Bell
Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Music Composed, Arranged and Directed by Barry Gray

Voice Cast:
Peter Dyneley, Matt Zimmerman, John Carson,
Shane Rimmer, David Graham, Geoffrey Keen,
Sylvia Anderson, Keith Alexander, Gary Files,
Jeremy Wilkin, Christine Finn

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  • earlybird

    I hope when they remake thunderbirds they don’t wreck it and use the old way of making it which made it so popular and successful as it still is today

  • A lovely Frank Bellamy poster – who also drew Thunderbirds in TV21!

  • This movie was so spectacular in sight and sound… It was as much a “Penelope” movie as “Thunderbirds”
    So many effects that were getting closer to “live action”, the visual effects team were in overtime… The bodies of the crew being jettisoned, as Skyship One flew in front of a sunset.. The Engine room gunfight.. The James Bond franchise could not have done it better? And, Derek Meddings team, got to do what they did best..
    However, I have always felt that Parker was rather “put down” and not treated as well as usual in some early parts of this story?

  • Love thunderbirds <3 <3 go search movies & series complete collection xD

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