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Operating from a secret island base, the Tracy family run a global rescue service in the year 2065 using five amazing Thunderbirds vehicles.

Thunderbirds is probably Gerry Anderson’s best known creation and depicts the adventures of the Tracy family, which consists of millionaire former astronaut Jeff Tracy (one of the first men to land on the moon) and his five sons: Scott (pilot of Thunderbird 1 and principal rescue co-ordinator), Virgil(pilot of Thunderbird 2), Alan (astronaut in Thunderbird 3), Gordon (aquanaut in Thunderbird 4) and John (principal duty astronaut on the space station Thunderbird 5) – each named after a Mercury astronaut – Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn, respectively. Together with Jeff’s elderly mother called Grandma Tracy, the scientific genius and engineer “Brains”, the family’s manservant Kyrano and his daughter Tin-Tin, the Tracy family live on a remote, uncharted island.

International Rescue’s London agent, international socialite Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, and her Cockney butler/chauffeur Aloysius “Nosey” Parker, are often seen chasing The Hood and other villains in the pink, amphibious Rolls-RoyceFAB1, which is equipped with James Bond-style gadgets. (Rolls-Royce actually provided an authentic radiator grille to the production company for closeups of FAB-1, such as when the retractable machine gun was fired.) Lady Penelope’s yacht is called FAB-2.

Producer: Gerry Anderson
Associate Producer: Reg Hill
Directors: Alan PattilloDesmond SaundersDavid Elliott & David Lane
Director of Photography: John Read
Character Visualisation: Sylvia Anderson
Lighting Cameraman: Paddy Seale & Julien Lugrin
Art Director: Bob Bell
Supervising Special Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Special Effects Directors: Brian Johncock & Ian Scoones
Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray

Voice Cast:

Peter Dyneley, Shane Rimmer, Sylvia Anderson, David Holliday, Matt Zimmerman, David Graham, Ray Barrett, Christine Finn, John Tate

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  • earlybird

    Whoo hoo! Thunderbirds are Go!!

  • Purupuss

    This is my all-time favourite! Definitely FAB!

  • Glo Thorogood

    My all-time favourite show.

  • I love Thunderbirds, it was and always will be the best in my eyes 🙂
    Thank you Gerry

  • Thank you Gerry, and all of the dedicated and inspired people at AP Films….. Your work will still be appreciated by future generations, long after 2065 gets here..
    This show was “lightning in a bottle” … It had ALL of the best things, from ALL of the best people !!!! Gerry had picked the BEST team ever on this one…. With Barry Gray’s music as the icing on the cake!!

  • thefabulousstevieg

    I had the privilege of meeting Gerry when the Thunderbirds exhibition was staged at the Winter gardens in Blackpool in 1993. Although I thanked him for the hours of enjoyment I had had as a boy watching Thunderbirds, I never asked him the question that to this day burns in my mind “Where was Jeff Tracy’s wife?”

  • i wonder if anyone except the most dedicated gerry fan realises just how big this series was when it first came out ? it quite literally took the world by storm i cant think of any other programe since that time that had such an influence on so many people for such a long time . it speaks volumes for gerry and his team

  • ThunderBirds Rules!

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