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Torchy the Battery Boy

55 second read

The adventures of a boy doll (Torchy the Battery Boy) who travels by rocket to Topsy Turvy Land where toys can walk, animals can talk and cream buns grow on trees.

AP Films/Pelham Films/Associated Rediffusion – 1958/59
26 episodes x 13 mins

Producer: Roberta Leigh
Director: Gerry Anderson
Director of Photography: Arthur Provis
Art Director: Reginald E. Hill
Music and Lyrics: Roberta Leigh
Music Arranged and Conducted by Barry Gray

Voice Cast:

Kenneth Connor, Jill Raymond, Olwyn Griffiths, and Patricia Somerset

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  • Rod Oakley

    wow I remember watching this at my grandmothers whom we had to travel to on the bus as she had a TV and we did not

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