• kiran

    If I had the money I make a replica car that go’s on the road and find away that flights in the air, like the Parker brothers. They is a combley that does makes a car in 3D in usa frist of it’s kind.

  • Kev Dalton

    I went to ITV in 2008 to see Giles Ridges with regards to re making a LIVE ACTION Fireball series. I was then sent to see Doug Naylor at Shepperton who recommended I did a work up of Stingray which looked liked Primeval. I did and it looked fabulous. The stuff you have sold out for is nothing like what Gerry wanted. CGI is cheap and tacky and that is what Thunderbirds is now. If you want a chat? Gerry would love to see his Slough trading estate venue actually doing what is was meant to? Making top end shows in the genre he intended and not a shabby representation for a quick quid.
    I grew up with Space Patrol and Stingray and the rest of the stable. I used to runa around the garden after seeing Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea with a fire extinguisher on my back and welding googles. The I got bit by the “Anderson Effect”.

    Talk to me and I can show you a new way of doing the history .


  • Seb W

    please can i do an interview with Gerry Anderson?

    • Gerry Anderson died on 26th December 2012…

    • Mark A Sterry

      Good luck with that mate, he’s dead!

  • Walter Patrick Branche

    thank you , to ALBERT TAYLOR , for showing the way

  • harold stewart

    hello gerry anderson
    i,ve been a longtime fan of gerry anderson episodes watching them on the telly here in the u.s. my favorite being captain scarlet amd thunderbirds.
    i,ve found an advertisement on youtube.com showing that fireball xl5 in color
    on blu-ray disc by network distributing is for purchase.
    i hope that the next gerry anderson episodes to be available in color is supercar.
    now fanderson,s everywhere can finally enjoy seeing all of the marvelous puppets
    and backround props in color.
    thanks kindly and i,m ready for action.

    • Mike

      If you’re in the US Shout Factory has Supercar set for 30$ and are currently streaming episodes on ShoutFactoryTV until the end of July.This is a free streaming service and they have the first six episodes up. Shout Factory are the people who used to be behind Rhino Records and are a fantastic company that really does a great job with these.

  • I’m so happy to be a part of the group. Huge life-long fan. Thanks!!!

  • Colin Logan

    We need more Captain Scarlet !
    Is there anything in the pipeline?

  • FreeThinker


  • Vic McCarthy

    Captain scarlet next
    Yes please

  • Mark Heenan

    I love everything that Gerry Anderson & Century 21 made from Four Feather Falls through to Terrahawks, he was just a fantastic guy, i was very lucky to meet him & have a brief chat with him when i worked in Wardour Street in London a few years before he passed away, i also met Sylvia Anderson at a book signing serveral years ago & i`ve still got the book that she signed for me.

  • Mark Bishop


  • Mark Bishop

    What’s this about a new Thunderbirds film? I hope they get it right this time 🙂

  • Mark Edwards

    we need a UFO movie

  • Mark Edwards

    Skydiver has got to be the ultimate

  • Mark Wilf Willoughby

    ive reserved thunder bird 2 do we get an email to say this has been reserved

  • Colin Leslie Tucker

    I thought that there was a definite ongoing ‘work in progress’ production of a UFO Film because I can remember seeing the website for it and as far as I know it is still there and they had done some casting for the role of Paul Foster and Virginia Lake does Gerry Anderson ‘the moderator’ know of what happened to this production, and when we are likely to see it in the cinemas??? Here is an excerpt from the last news bulletin: From The Starburst Magazine website: Entitled:Movie News:UFO Film still a go? As long ago as 2009 a big screen version of the series, later revealed to be a proposed trilogy of movies, was in development under Robert Evans and ITV Global with visual effects supervisor Matthew Gratzner named as the film’s director. By November 2009 casting rumours were suggesting that Joshua Jackson (Fringe) would be playing Straker’s right-hand man Paul Foster (portrayed by the late Michael Billington in the TV series) with Ali (Heroes) Larter in the running to play Colonel Virginia Lake, an irregular series character played by Wanda Ventham who appeared in the series’ first episode ‘Identified’ and was later drafted in to replace SHADO second-in-command Alec Freeman (the late George Sewell) when the actor proved unavailable for filming as the series moved to Pinewood in 1970 after a short production break. But as the years rolled by the film seemed to wander into Development Hell although it’s known that within the last couple of years Gerry Anderson himself was actively involved in the movie’s ongoing pre-production.

  • Jason Neumann

    Does anyone remember a documentary about Gerry/Shows that referred to how children in 60’s were influenced by the shows and the sense of never say die spirit gleamed from World War 2 – possibly Gerrys brother who was in armed forces

  • Florida4Trump

    I love and miss, all Gerry and co. created; just amazing modelling. It, in part and along with Star Trek, ‘taught’ me how to make REALLY GOOD, life like vehicle/craft models. A skill i wish they taught today. All this cgi stuff is NOTHING compared with scaling, detail, movements, lighting, etc. Cgi, is cold and sterile in my opinion, and though it has truly come a very long way from 2-drawings, it has even taken away the true ‘art’ of animating and pretty much ‘dumbed’ it down to a level that even a child can do without ever really touching a pencil to paper; really learning the art of animation. There is something special about drawing, animating, building in the physical sense, the wonderful puppets, scenery’s, the incredible sets and all those amazing vehicles/crafts. The imagination and use of ones very own hands to do these things really should not be left to ‘back in the day’. It is why many, if not most, sci fi/action directors, love real-world, PHYSICAL props, sets and EFFECTS in their movies! It is the ‘realism’ that is far too often, left to a

    computer ‘artist’. And no matter how great that cgi stuff looks, in the end, it cant touch, in sheer realism, in that look that brings something ‘alive’, something you can put on display, and actually see years from now…. a real-world model. Like the vehicles and ships of Star Trek and other shows that used them. In other words, you wont see a real-world model of Wall-e and EVA (though i loved them both on screen) hanging in the Smithsonian like the USS Enterprise!! Those great skills need to be taught and offered in high schools and in higher education centers. The world of imagination and creation can not be left, alone, to a computer screen.

  • Paleo Paul

    For as long as I can remember I have always been a fan of Gerry Anderson TV show’s. Even as a youngster I was always impressed by the production values, effects and the dynamic action sequences. The artistry and hands on skills to produce such a programme for its time were incredible! Back in the 70’s I was lucky enough to visit Gerry’s Space City exhibition in Blackpool which had on display many of the original prop’s and vehicles used in his various series. I particularly remember a huge model of Thunderbird2 which demonstrated the layout for the pyrotechnics used on this studio model. I often wonder if any of these are still around today and who owns them? I have one or two items of memorabilia, Dinky toys etc which I keep to this day and its a testament to the popularity of Super marionation that many are being reproduced today by other manufacture’s. Yes count me in as a lifelong fan. Right I’m off to watch an episode of Joe 90. See you all soon Cheers!

  • Tralian

    Supercar was way ahead of it’s time in sci/fi, the craft was totally original, novel, and new and nothing in my opinion today compares to it. From the time it was designed it was stunning then, and is still marvelous to see and hear, even now.

  • Douglas Scarfe

    WHO would of thought that the watch Brains had ,would be available today !!

  • Ali.

    I’m after the box set of the , The new captain scarlet . In australia. Any ideas?

  • Tony Yhap

    is the Blu-ray version only for Region 2 or will it be available for the US market Region 1?