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Thunderbird 4 Spotted in the River Thames, London

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ITV have built a life size Thunderbird 4 and brought it into London along the river Thames this morning ahead of the launch of their new Thunderbirds are go.

The PR stunt took place at around 7.30am this morning. More photos at the foot of the page!

Source: @Here_is_Sam (Twitter)

An Exciting Week

It’s a pretty amazing week for Gerry Anderson fans this week – with:

Gerry’s final action adventure novel Gemini Force One – Black Horizon – out today!

The brand new Terrahawks full cast audio series out tomorrow.

and Thunderbirds are Go premiering on ITV on Saturday at 5pm.

More Thunderbird 4…

Thunderbird 4 on the Thames Thunderbird 4 on the Thames Thunderbird 4 on the Thames

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  • Wow!

  • dune

    it is sitting a bit high in the water when stopped but looks cool

  • Baldwin Collins

    I had grown-up watching Gerry Anderson’s ‘thunderbirds’ but hoped one day
    there would be a live action tv or film version. itv is on the right track with this
    but going full c g I with the show isn’t good. live action the actors and the props
    and use c g I as action.

    • robjoh

      It’s not full cgi.

      • Baldwin Collins

        how do you mean not full cgi ? the voices don’t count in the discussion

        • robjoh

          If you watch the documentary that was on on Thursday,you can see it’s a mix of sets and cgi. Looks good too.

          • Baldwin Collins

            the documentary was about the original 60s tv show. how old was you when it came out then ?

          • robjoh

            No,it was all about the new show.

          • CJ List

            Everything I’ve seen from this new series looks good to me too. That documentary got on Youtube quite quickly though.

          • Baldwin Collins

            iv’e just seen the documentary. you’ve mentioned. on yutube thanks

          • robjoh

            You’re welcome. It was a good documentary,made me look forward to the new show,but I hear sooo much negativity about it! You seen it yet?

          • Baldwin Collins

            it’s very fast and modern. a new generation of fans will love it.
            however i’am old school thunderbirds

          • robjoh

            Yeah,got the impression it’s for todays audience,fast and hip,lol. Look forward to seeing it though.

    • Marty Hehman

      Here in america Johnathan Frakes Directed a full length Thunderbirds movie it was very good if you ask me ? I am like you I would love to see Thunderbirds live action and the same with Stingray,Stingray,Stingray.

      • Baldwin Collins

        thanks for you’re reply. i’am not knocking the new reboot series
        but I just felt that the classic show, needs a star wars like appearence

        • Marty Hehman

          Baldwin I welcome that Sir. I wish I can make the models in NZ for this series !!!!

          • Baldwin Collins

            thanks for you’re comment marty

  • Thunderbird 4 is the best I don’t care what anybody says.

  • Boundarysnapper

    please put a link to the documentary!

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