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Thunderbirds Are Go News Coming Tomorrow?

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Fans eagerly awaiting news of ITV’s new Thunderbirds Are Go series – which launches in April 2015 – may have something to look forward to tomorrow – in fact from midnight on 18th December 2014.

The Thunderbirds.com website has featured a countdown for the last few months, which ends at midnight UK time. But will it be the Thunderbirds are Go news fans have been waiting for?

What could it be? With the series not set to launch for another 4 months, what do you think we’re going to see, hear or read tomorrow?

thunderbirds are go news

What are your hopes for the new series, and what are you expecting to see tomorrow? Let us know below!

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  • Brice Darroch

    I think you’ve made a mistake here, the countdown will end at 12 am midnight, not midday. Pretty stoked this evening!

  • Phil Hopson

    The countdown end’s at midnight tonight, not midday tomorrow…

  • Thomas Anthony Evans

    If not a trailer – an announcement for the casting of Jeff Tracy (who really should be voiced by Keifer Sutherland 😀 ) !!!

  • CJ List

    There isn’t anything there at the moment. There’s only a submit e-mail link.

  • neil kearney


  • robjoh

    Very disappointing,was hoping for at least a teaser trailer.

  • I Can’t Wait To See The Updated ThunderBird Vehicles Jamie!

  • CJ List

    They could have at least released one by now. Maybe they will sooner or later!

  • Gerard Bergin

    The problem nowdadys is that everything has to be now now now!! Come on guys a little bit on anticipation will make this worthwhile!

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