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    I want tobecome thunderbirds fan

  • Seb W


  • Robert Hardy

    thunderbirds are so cool!!!

  • betsye jo thomas

    I can barely remember the thunderbirds series,it”s been such a long time since it”s been on.I do know it was really popular in it”s day,though!thank goodness that Gerry Anderson made this back in the late 1960s!from :betsye thomas

  • BeeGe3e

    From 1964 to 1969 I worked for a pyrotechnics company called Schermuly Ltd. near Dorking, Surrey. I was responsible for making hundreds of the small devices which emitted smoke and flames from the Thunderbird craft. I was closely involved with Derek Meddings, the FX specialist on other film projects at the time.

  • Ed Brault

    Started with Supercar in 1960. Followed all the Supermarionation series. T-Birds inspired me to get into rescue work in college and when I joined the Air Force. Pit of Peril is my favorite episode.

  • Steve

    my name is Steve when I was 7 I was looking through the wood at the side of the building when a man came out and invited my mum and me inside i think it was Gerry Anderson it was about 1963 and I saw stingray and the fish tanks and puppets the people were really so kind to us and showed us round


    Supercar, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 …… and many others but these were my childhood. Thunderbirds was the most successful but Captain Scarlet was also fab (or F.A.B. as Thunderbirds said) and if ever there is a Gerry Anderson show that should be a Hollywood movie then it’s the indestructable Captain Scarlet. Nostalgia all around…

  • Tommy Cummings

    Here is my own 5′ 1/2” Fireball XL-5 model i construced about a year ago, because i loved the show when i was a kid every saturday morning. T.C.

  • William Farrell

    I need the Thunderbirds t shirts!

  • Ken Whitfield

    Somebody needs to tell Amazon to include all the Gerry Anderson shows with the Amazon Prime subscription. They used to be included, now Amazon wants you to pay extra for each season. Booooo Amazon !!

    • It’s likely down to ITV, not Amazon. Best email ITV and tell them you want the episodes on Prime again! 🙂

  • Ian Copple

    Does anyone else remember Twizzle.
    This was GA 1st efforts at TV puppetry.
    With Roberta Leigh who wrote the book(s).
    IIRC Roberta went to the BBC and did Space Patrol.
    Happy Days