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Francis Matthews (1927 – 2014)

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We are very sorry to report that Francis Matthews, best known to Gerry Anderson fans as the voice of the indestuctible puppet hero Captain Scarlet, has died aged 86.

Having previously had a policy of using American accents in their shows to aid sales to America, Gerry and Sylvia relaxed their casting requirements for Captain Scarlet as it was felt that British accents were now more acceptable Stateside than had previously been the case. After hearing Matthews’ uncanny impression of Cary Grant, a voice that would have been familiar to all on both sides of the Atlantic, he was cast in 1966.

Matthews was a successful actor with a long and varied career. In the UK, outside of Captain Scarlet, he is probably best known for playing Francis Durbridges’ amateur detective, Paul Temple.He also appeared in several Hammer Horror films, and played opposite Morcambe and Wise in the films The Intelligence Men and That Riviera Touch. He later made an oft-repeated appearance on Eric and Ernie’s Christmas Show, 1977.

Outside of the UK, however, he was hugely famous for narrating and presenting Follow Me!, a BBC educational programme for hopeful learners of the English that was shown around the world.

In 1963 Matthews married actress Angela Browne, who died in 2001. Matthews is survived by his three sons: Damien, Paul and Dominic.

Francis Matthews (1927 – 2014)

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  • Mick

    Really sad to hear of Francis dying. My condolances to his family. Yet another part of my youth is no longer with us. Seems to be a regular occurrence these days.

    R.I.P. Captain, and thanks for saving the Earth.

  • Kev Smith

    I met francis a few years at collectormania, walking around i was watching people taking pics without ackknowledging the person. i waved and shouted ok ? and he smiled, i took my pics, and waved back saying thanks, he said thanks back…i walked around and thought nice chap and spent some cash on having a chat….he signed his picture of captain scarlet and was wonderful, i always look out for him in his bit roles….we have lost one of the countries nicest old school actors, sleep well francis and thank you for that few minutes of brief conversation…i will always remember it and you sir !!

  • CJ List

    Sad to hear Francis Matthews passed away. Every time I saw him on TV, I could instantly recognize it even when he was playing a straight man role with Morcambe & Wise or playing a doctor in The Royal (my Aunt said once that he had a sexy voice). I remember coming back from school on a Friday and my dad would record Captain Scarlet for me. I used to watch those tapes several times over until they came out on DVD.

    RIP Captain Scarlet & Gerry Anderson.

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