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A two man mission to a planet on the opposite side of the sun apparently ends prematurely when the astronauts return to Earth three weeks ahead of schedule.

Century 21 Cinema/Universal Pictures – 1968
101 mins

Producers: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Associate Producer: Ernest Holding
Director: Robert Parrish
Director of Photography: John Read
Art Director: Bob Bell
Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Music Composed and Conducted by Barry Gray

Ian Hendry, George Sewell, Keith Alexander, Nicholas Courtney, Roy Thinnes, Edward Bishop, Norma Ronald, Martin King, Patrick Wymark, Philip Madoc, Jeremy Wilkin, Jon Kelley, Lynn Loring, Vladek Sheybal, Basil Moss, Annette Kerr, Loni Van Friedl, George Mikell, Anthony Chinn
Franco Derosa, Herbert Lom, Cy Grant

Known as Doppelganger in some territories, but Journey to the Far Side of the Sun in others.

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  • Here in Tasmania, this movie was released as “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun” .
    The local “Drive-in” Theatre, Launceston Tasmania, late 1970. Sitting in a “Mini” with my girlfriend….. In front of us………
    “A Gerry Anderson production”….. The first scene, accompanied by Barry gray’s distinctive music….
    Such a familiar font used on the “Eurosec” sign, outside of Derek Medding’s brilliant miniature set (with a figure moving behind a window for realism)….
    This was most definately, a “Gerry Anderson production” . The style so perfectly “in synch” with all of those wonderful shows on TV that we had been “growing up” with… It seemed as if Gerry’s work was “coming of age ” as well?
    Herbert Lom, such a well known actor, and Roy Thinnes (The Invaders) … Wow.. Gerry has really moved beyond Supermarionation now…
    What memories… Thank you so, so much Gerry. You and the Century 21 team have enriched our lives with unforgettable entertainment yet again !!!
    Today…. My wife (70’s girlfriend) stands behind me and asks, “which one of Gerry’s shows are you going to comment on tonight?”

  • Simon Fay

    A film that obsesses me. ‘UFO”s sibling, hidden from view by the glare coming off Straker’s wig.

  • BackMarker

    wtf, narrator in trailer gives away film plot!

    • Not sure why that would bother you. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun was never a mystery in that sense.

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