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The Secret Service

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Parish priest Father Unwin is an undercover agent for B.I.S.H.O.P. who carries out dangerous assignments using a miniaturisation device to shrink his assistant, Matthew Harding, to puppet size. Together they are The Secret Service.

Century 21 Television/ITC – 1968/69
13 episodes x 25 mins

Executive Producer: Reg Hill
Producer: David Lane
Production Supervisor: Desmond Saunders
Directors: Alan PerryLeo EatonIan Spurrier,
Brian Heard & Peter Anderson
Characters Created by Sylvia Anderson
Lighting Cameraman: Paddy Seale & Julien Lugrin
Art Director: Keith Wilson
Script Editor: Tony Barwick
Supervising Visual Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Senior Visual Effects Director: Jimmy Elliott
Visual Effects Directors: Bill CampShaun Whittacker-Cook & Alan Berry
Music Composed and Directed by Barry Gray


Voice Cast:
Stanley Unwin, Keith Alexander, Gary Files, David Healy, Jeremy Wilkin, David Graham, Sylvia Anderson

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  • earlybird

    Wonderfully eccentric and very English series. Sooo underrated.

  • Rassilons Beard

    I agree with Earlybird, an absolutely brilliant series. I would encourage everyone to buy this much underrated gem on DVD and enjoy the quirky humour and ace theme tune!

  • Michael Shearing

    I think this should have been broadcasted country wide but as far as I remember it was shown only north of Britian.

  • I have always been so very grateful, for the wonderful way that the Australian broadcasters have treated Gerry’s shows!!
    They were always shown, as the complete series, in order, and at regular timeslots, between 5.00 and 8.30 in the evening.
    (The Thunderbirds have also been re-run at 6.00am Saturday mornings for every generation)?
    “Supercar”, “Fireball”, “Stingray”, “Thunderbirds”, “Captain Scarlet”, “Joe 90” and the “Secret Service”. Even later on, The “Terrahawks”. We never missed an episode…
    All of the “live action” shows as well, except for “Space Precinct”. That series was held back, due to so many sport commitments, that only 3 episodes were shown before the “rights to show” the series ran out? Thank heaven for DVD Boxed sets?
    The new Captain Scarlet also played at (I think) 6.00pm each Monday night for both series…. Wow, how much action can you get in 25 minutes, I could not believe it?
    It’s hard to believe, how Gerry’s shows have sometimes had such poor programming in the UK..

  • Paul Taylor

    I grew up on Gerry Anderson. Like a lot of others, I just loved Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Captain Scarlett and UFO. Gerry’s desire to make programmes with all real actors was bridged between Captain Scarlett (full Supermarionation) and UFO (real live actors) by this, a combination of real life and puppets – which was a mistake. The concept was good but it was spoiled by the inclusion of Stanley Unwin who brought his gibberish language of “Unwinese” to the show. A great pity. I remember a Blue Peter episode that featured the car and some clips from the show telling us all it was the next big thing from Gerry. This was the 60’s and the world was buzzing on TV spy shows and I remember, as a little boy, waiting on the show coming to TV like waiting on Christmas. The show never aired where I live and it wasn’t until many years later I bought the DvD to see what happened. I hope Firestorm sticks to the format of the earlier shows and doesn’t make the mistakes made here. I can’t wait to see it.

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