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We thought you’d like to see this image from a meeting today… yep, that’s a genuine script for one of the new Gerry Anderson projects… more to follow soon!


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  • stephen brown

    I see the tea, the pen, the script…but no cake!!
    Look forward to finding out more

  • Alan walsh

    Great news and hope its gong well. If you need any actors at some future stage I’m listed on “Star Now” , a huge fan , it would be a dream come true .Following these developments with great interest .Thanks, alan.

  • Don’t let us wait too long! Keep up the good work.

  • Jamie, can you move your pen just a little bit please!!

  • Craig Rintoul

    Wow! British writers’ meetings are much more gentile than Canadian ones. Tea not coffee. Nice pens not crappy Bics’. Stationery not scrap paper. And that desk looks like wood, not cheap veneer. Classy outfit! Need a Canuck/Brit writer? Will work for Flake Bars, Sainsbury’s Cherry Bakewell Tarts and Irn-Bru.

  • chris bate

    Now that’s what you call a cuppa! ‘You could stand a spoon up in that!’ as my granny used to say .

  • Geoffrey Ellis

    This teaser takes the biscuit, but it’ll be a sad day when you can’t have a laugh. I’m still bursting to know what the first new project is though.

  • Mike Adamson

    As a scriptwriter on the fringes of a US breakthrough at this time and working full-tilt on a movie to be pitched, it is very exciting for me to see Anderson Entertainment in action. New products are eagerly awaited, and there is just a glimmer of hope breaking through on my personal horizon that my dream of one day working for AE might yet be realised! GO JAMIE!

  • I don’t think I can take much more of this. Very excited and wishing the new ventures well.

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