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Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order!

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Spectrum Hovercraft Model available to pre-order!

To celebrate the recent 50th anniversary of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, we’re thrilled to announce this fabulous new item from Planet Replicas – the Spectrum Hovercraft!

Spectrum Hovercraft

The Spectrum Hovercraft was specially developed for use in remote environments and harsh conditions in which other means of transportation would be hazardous or impractical. The craft was ideally suited to the scorching heat of inhospitable desert regions, or the biting winds of an icy wasteland, however, it is equally at home skimming across the surface of the ocean.

The compact and rugged frame is in keeping with Spectrum’s usual design ethic and is rendered in the classic Spectrum blue and white colour scheme. The craft, powered by a nuclear jet engine, carries a crew of 2, a pilot and co-pilot, and has space for 2 passengers and a moderate amount of cargo. The craft also carries a data recorder as part of its standard on-board electronic equipment and this proved invaluable in solving the apparent sabotage of Hovercraft tests at Spectrum’s Koala Training Base (see Spectrum Data File Traitor for further mission information).

Model Details

  • Number to be produced – 1000 (not numbered)
  • Model weight – 55g
  • Model size – approx. 100mm long
  • Package size – 124w x 74d x 74h mm
  • Made of metal and resin
  • Masters designed and produced from digital CAD in the UK
  • Hand finished and made in the UK
  • Plastic presentation case made in China

This Spectrum Hovercraft is the first in a line of Konami-style models that we will be releasing. The aim of the collection is to showcase some of the more popular guest vehicles from Gerry Anderson’s series that have not had many dedicated releases in the past. The next model on our list will be the Martian Exploration Vehicle (MEV) from Thunderbirds Are Go and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Which other vehicles would you like to see in the future? The Magnacopter? Skythrust? The Big Gun submarine? Let us know in the comments below, or post your wishes on our Facebook page! Just remember to think outside the box rather than sending 5,000 requests for Thunderbird 2…

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A freelance Artist and Film-maker based on a not so secret island in the East Atlantic. Grew up up on the Anderson series reruns in the 90s and have always strived to create works that are as interesting and exciting.
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  • James Anderson

    Nice model. I’d like to see any of the fire engines in Thunderbirds City of Fire, the Sidewinder, Skyship One from Thunderbird 6, the DT19, the Yellow Fox, the articulated lorry from Big Ben strikes again..

  • moonbear

    price ? and ditto james requests

  • Graham Millard

    Great looking model, pleased to see that the MEV will be next.

    What else to do – the list is potentially endless, but how about this for starters (based on things that have never really been available – or only in sets and virtually impossible to get):

    Sun Probe
    Rocket from “Day of Disaster” – either on the transporter or stuck in the debris on the bottom of the river)
    Monorail (or at least part of it)
    Space station from Ricochet
    Hood’s submarine and transporter

    Thunderbird 6
    Skyship 1

    X-20 submarine
    Titan’s “Clamshell” submarine
    The “Big Gun”

    “Fireball Jnr” landed on something

    Moon Hopper from UFO

    Decent small model of Cloudbase (as opposed to a huge toy)

    I’m sure there are more………..

  • Graham Millard

    One more…….

    Robert the Robot…….. (sized to match other available figures from the series)

  • markee2010

    I’d like to see a model of sky 1 the submarine from the UFO series.Its my ambition to have all the Thunderbird crafts including Thunderbird 5 but in their right ratio compared to each other in size.I’d like to get a model of the SPV from Captain Scarlet.I’d also like to get Stingray plus the Shado mobile vehicle.

  • They should do the TerraHawks next!

  • Andrew Blyth

    Moonhopper from UFO please

  • Hank Wildcarde

    Fantastic to see some of these more obscure craft considered for models – ordered and hope to see more in the future!

    Skythrust has to be my top pick of the great suggestions so far but of those not listed, would love to see:

    Ultra Probe Command Module (S1999: Dragon’s Domain)
    Zombite Fighter (TB: The Uninvited)
    Archaeologist’s Jeep (TB: The Uninvited)
    Gray & Houseman Explosives Tractor (TB: End of the Road)
    Red Arrow 1 (TB: Edge of Impact)
    Yellow Sub (SR: Ghost of the Sea)
    Gamma Spaceship (XL5: Sabotage)

    And many more!

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