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Thunderbirds Taxis Are Go in London

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Thunderbirds Taxis are Go in London

Watch our for five Thunderbirds taxis in London this weekend!

The publicity stunt hosted to celebrate the new series of ITV’s Thunderbirds Are Go, will see five traditional London black cabs transformed on October 22 and 23 into either Thunderbird 1,2,3 or 4. A tribute to Lady Penelope’s iconic six-wheeled pink Rolls Royce, FAB 1, will also be available to hire.

Each car will be transformed with wings, personalised number plates and what are being billed as ‘rockets’ – though even the Tracy family have to abide by the law. Scott Tracy, who drives Thunderbird One in the series, will give every passenger a mission and each cab will be driven by a take on Penelope’s Parker.

Thunderbirds Are Go is ITV’s reboot of Gerry Anderson’s classic Thunderbirds (1965) which continues to draw in new fans to the incredible Gerry Anderson original 51 years on from its original production.

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  • Simon Davidge

    Shame they are from the new series, and not from the original {a.k.a. “the best”} 😉

  • Adrian Swatridge

    Great promotional idea. What a shame the series is buried in kids tv schedules and not on at a family dinner time on a Sat evening.

    • Hey! They were build to be a kids & teens’ TV series.

      • Adrian Swatridge

        Of course I know that…I’m just saying they had an opportunity to make a great family show for old and new fans alike but it’s turned into just a banal formulaic fast edited mess with no tension and wonder like the old series

    • Mark Hill

      is it going to be on tv in America?

  • No ThunderCab 5?

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